About Us

The team at All Access Belize is dedicated to connecting Belizean Entrepreneurs with their consumers. Local Entrepreneurs need a platform more than ever to showcase their products and talents to the local and global market. We thrive to be that LINK!

Here at All Access Belize we saw how the Belizean economy and jobs were seriously affected with the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus. Much like the rest of the world, as a result there has been a great rise of entrepreneurs who have emerged to showcase their talents, products and services. Using Social Media as a marketing tool to promote one's business is the most popular and cost-effective route however these businesses can only reach a limited number of views based on their friends list. We, at All Access Belize, wanted to create that bridge where all entrepreneurs can now showcase their products to the world and get support from locals (both home and abroad) to help to increase their sales and further grow their business with less effort and big results using one popular medium.

Belizean Families Outside the country who may not be able to visit Belize as often as they would like can now still be in the "loop" to treat themselves or local family members and friends to all the unique products Belize has to offer through all access business directory. 

In like manner, Global Consumers who may not have been able to travel to Belize as had originally planned can still get all the best souvenir's, crafts and eating experience from legitimate businesses all over Belize. All Access Belize also supports Local Tourism and can be a guide for all locals to help them have the best experience on their vacation by providing the best dining, entertainment, and shopping in any district, town, village or island.



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