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Oshanz Detox

Cleansers & Juice Detox

Orange Walk

Oshanz Detox Cleanse 💚🍋🍉

Effective Natural Cleansers and Detox

We have phone boosters to clean our phones 📲

We have Detergents to clean our homes 🏠

Now we have Oshanz Detox ✨💚 with an all natural product to cleanse the Gut ! When was the the last time you Cleansed your insides⁉️

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Location: 28 Saint Peter's Street, Orange Walk Town, Belize 


Telephone/ WhatsApp501-635-2180

Facebook: Oshanz Detox

Instagram: oshanzdetox_cleanse